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How to stop unnecessary thinking?


Originally posted @ 04 August 2009

Have you ever thought of getting rid of the anxious, repeating and distracting sound in your head? Do you feel like there is an endless record in your head that is repeating the same old song? Well, me too.. That´s why I´m writing this now.

First of all, you are not your thoughts! And yes, it is possible to stop unnecessary thinking. Imagine the continuous stream of thoughts as your “little me” which has a head and a mouth. Whenever there is too much unnecessary thinking in your head just simply tell your little me to “shut up” and turn the voice down.

Try it now.

You can also ask yourself this question: “What am I thinking next?” See what happens. Or just simply think: “I am.” without adding anything. Whenever you notice that you are thinking the repetitive thought patterns over and over again you have already taken the first step. Then just shut the “little me´s” mouth as you would shut your own mouth.

You can also concentrate on your breathing while doing this and close your eyes. Whenever there comes a thought form, recognise it and silence it.

Try to practice this every day for 5-10 minutes and tell me how does it work for you :)
Sooner than you might even realise, the periods when you are without unnecessary thinking come longer and longer.

Thanks to Miika Kuisma for giving the idea for me to write this!
(get to know to Eckhart Tolle´s writings if you´re interested for more)

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  1. Hi!

    Glad you decided to start an interesting and visually simple yet beautiful blog where science and spirit integrates. :)

    First: Some of the pictures you have are so peaceful and calming. They have a sense of magic. Like how can something, that seems like only a brief and fragile moment, be so empowering and inspiring? This was not really a question… :D

    Second: Like the pictures, I found this “how to get rid of unnecessary thoughts”: simple and to the point. I guess it works with unnecessary or excess emotions too?! :D

    p.s Liked the brain and daVinci below as well. I used to dance, yoga etc. alot, so fun to have this point of view too.

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