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Beauty and Spirit by Ken Wilber

Like three sides of a prism, the Good, the Beautiful, and the True refract the white light of consciousness into the entire spectrum of human experience: art, morals, and science; self, culture, and nature; I, We, and It. How odd, then, that many contemporary forms of spirituality seem to only extend Spirit to one or two of these dimensions. This has often been the case with Beauty throughout history, and is even true today. For example, many see it as “anti-spiritual” for a person to care about his or her physical appearance, as though an emphasis upon appearance is vain and superficial—and the real God does not concern Him/Herself with such trivial adornments as physical beauty. But really, what doesn’t Spirit touch? And why is Beauty often associated with superficiality? If the mind and the environment around us are not-two, then isn’t our very capacity to perceive Beauty a tribute to the perfection of existence?

Beauty and Spirit (Ken Wilber) from Integral Life on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi!
    I’m trying to put this in English this time. Well, after watching the video I found his message funny and peculiar, but not my cup of tea, really. I suppose its quite natural to like different blends of wisdom better than others. Anyway it has been always good to read this blog and after vthat start to search and strenghen your own thinking about spiritual matters.

  2. A lot of elements in this thinking come from the ancient Indian tradition of Tantra.

    Also, Ken mentioned David Deida; I can wholeheartedly recommend his work on integrating spirituality and sexuality. If you want to borrow a book I’d be happy to :)

  3. Is there a way I can purchase a copy of this work of refraction art?

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