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A glimpse of eternity

I haven’t been blogging for a while since I needed to clean my head and body from all the work, thinking, doing, competing and the usual stuff going on while not being on a vacation. And now after just being, sleeping and doing whatever comes to my mind the past two weeks of my vacation I am on a flow, literally. Going to sleep when I’m tired, waking up when I feel refreshed, eating when hungry, exercising whenever, wherever and how often feeling like it I couldn’t feel more wonderful. But…. yes, there usually is a but, the city life makes me sometimes feel hectic even though my life isn’t that. It’s the rush everybody else have, the noises, restlessness of the traffic, all the surrounding sounds…

All this made me decide to go off to our summer cottage, alone. To a perfect quietness, to a place where there is no traffic, just nature and animals without a slightest sense of psychological time.

Wood-heated sauna is probably the greatest invention ever. And that is also one of the biggest reasons I always enjoy coming here knowing that soon I will feel the soft but hot steam of the sauna on my body.

I took a good steam in the sauna and literally ran across the pier and jumped off to the lake. It was midnight, the lake was totally calm, clear blue sky with a hint of moon lighting the sky. While swimming in the water I was overwhelmed with a sense of perfect stillness, a perfect harmony and balance… and coming off the lake just made me stop, totally. My mind stopped, there was no “me”, no ego present. Just this, always already ever-present eternal moment of nowness. I could hear every tiny single sound of the nature without analyzing any of them, just  letting them flow through my consciousness soothing my senses… I watched the sky, just staring right at it with an empty mind, without any process going in my head realizing that the cosmic space and consciousness is eternal. It is always there, always. Has been and will be. And the power of it was so great that it made me stop, totally. I haven’t felt such peace in a long time, not even while meditating which has sometimes seemed too much of an obligation rather than giving space to my consciousness to expand.

At the moment I’m feeling peace, love, happiness… no attachments to anything. There is just this moment.

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  1. I just had a couple of similar moments, but not QUITE that good :D Only had 4 days though, a conference at Koli and earlier another in Montreal took most of the chance. But that’s part of a bigger plan so it’s just the right sadhana in it’s own way.

    • Hey that’s cool! I saw some of your photos at fb, looked beautiful :) I’m gonna stay here five days, I consider this a kind of a retreat. Just letting the prana flow :)

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