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Nassim Haramein Interview – The Science Of Oneness


“In this first interview with Nassim, we talk about the acceptance of his work in mainstream physics , how all of life comes from nothing and how this knowledge affects the understanding of our world, from the smallest particle of every cell, to the galaxies, constellations and universes beyond our space time continuum.”


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  1. a short introduction to the Schwarzchild proton:

  2. Far-out ideas can prove revolutionary, BUT (sorry to keep shooting stuff down, I really do believe in the validity of the integral vision, it’s just that it’s so hard to separate new age wishful thinking from actual theories and phenomena) no references to the Haramein-Rauscher metric in the scientific literature, and what’s more worrying: no publications from Haramein.

    Unlike most cranks, however, apparently has been presenting stuff like this even in real conferences. So perhaps we should wait and see. The lack of ANY publications, though, is usually a pretty bad sign…

    I just think it’s a little questionable to post links to self-promotion pages which contain unvalidated claims without these caveats.

    • Actually: where the heck was this “awarded paper” supposedly published? I cannot find it in Google Scholar (only hit there is a proceedings paper which does mention it), nothing in ISI Web of Knowledge.

      • Hmm, ehkä se odottaa vielä julkistusta, kun tuo konferenssi mikä mainittiin oli vasta tänä vuonna. Saa nähdä 🙂

  3. I´m just offering a possible for different perspectives. As integral theory says, nothing can be 100% wrong and 100% accurate 😉

    This is purely my interest in different types of subject, not a strict hierarchal or holarchal classification of different types, levels or lines.

  4. That´s what I´ve been thinking also.. is it that conventional quantum physicists aren´t really ready for this kind of stuff yet? Seems to be same with older conventional medicine practicioners aswell… “here is the pill, go away” 😀

    • Well, I skimmed the article and it makes some pretty wild assumptions, like that the gravitational force between two adjacent protons is CLASSICAL.. The numbers he pulls out of all this are impressive, but I don’t think this has much credence.

      There are some pretty far out stuff being presented in respectable conferences, so I think in this case it’s not about that.

      But like I said: if he manages to get this published in a peer-reviewed physics journal, I’m going to be impressed.

  5. Hello. I have an automatic link from your blog to mine! I just discovered Hassim’s work and my mind is property blown! Feel free to check out my site and let me know if I summarized his talk correctly.

    Nice site!!

    – Michael

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