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Superfoods, ever heard of them?

I wonder if you have heard the term superfood in the past 12 months on any media? I personally was introduced to superfoods by a chance via a sports website which advertised natural cacao beans. Since I have always liked chocholate (especially dark one)  it took me about 2 seconds to make the decision to order those miracle beans…

There are at least 1.8 million species living on earth among which there are absolutely super nutrition rich food which have been considered as “divine” or sacred in ancient cultures. In the past 20 years people have started to call them as more commercial term: SUPERFOODS.  They are naturally produced organic foods which are quite unique in their features and often offer even therapeutic impacts on our health. These superfoods have played an essential role in ancient cultures as a part of their medical treatment; many of them also carry historical stories, mystic and legends. The scientific research today demonstrate the rich nutrient content and even rare ingredients of these superfoods.

Most of the superfoods are whole protein sources which is to say that they include all the essential amino acids a human body needs. Most of the superfoods are so-called adaptogenes: they help an organism (body) to adapt to ever-changing inner environment (stress etc.). They are also efficiently absorbed and used in human body leaving very little metabolic waste. Superfoods commonly oppress the body very remotely offering high density nutrients. All superfoods are very high in vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients.

When considering to buy these superfoods you should keep in mind that there is no legal definition of the term and it has been alleged that this has led to it being over-used as a marketing tool. What indicates a high quality superfood is the color, taste, texture of the food and of course the effects on your body. For example a high quality Goji berry is dark red. It is also important to understand that the qualities these superfoods have are greatly dependant on their growth environment and soil which leads to the conclusion that the origin of these superfoods is of great importance! The name alone doesn´t make a plant super; nutrient rich soil, growth environment, right processing, picking, preservation, packaging and shipment do.

“Find your way to the fountain head, be conscious of what you purchase – enjoy the originality and quality.”

When using superfoods I would suggest that you use them in the original form. Heating often destroys fine and valuable ingredients. Superfoods are actually very easy to use. Dried berries, nuts and cacao beans are easy to eat as they are. There are also available tons of delicious “green smoothie” recipies mixing various superfoods, but the absolute highpoint is the chocolate! Mixing raw cacao beans, goji berries, maca root powder, organic honey, coconut oil and raw beans (cashew, para, hassel) it is possible to make a super high quality nutrient rich and divine tasting chocolate which is, of course, super healthy!

More information of precise nutritional facts can be found for example in two Finnish Language pages:


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