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So, here I am again at the airport going through experiences I had last week on a vacation. This turned out to be totally different than all the previous ones in my life so far. Actually I got an inspiration to write this text because of the somewhat funny incidence that happened a few hours ago on Malta’s airport. But I’m not going there yet, first I will tell you about the vibrations and gut-feelings I had while on Malta.

Like most people when planning on travelling and setting up a trip they have a plan. A map. A timetable. Do this, do that. Must see this or that. Why? Do people feel less relaxed or less experienced if they don’t have a strict plan on which to go while on a vacation? It is always fascinating to explore a new culture, a new country; meet new people and taste food different from offered at home. Still, is this all really new to you? If you have a thought process in your mind of what you will accomplish on your trip, then it surely isn’t coming to you anew. You’re already projecting it to the ideal, an image on your head. And there is the arising of a disappointment.

I hadn’t been on a vacation for almost nine months. Well, a short trip to London on October but not on a trip I would describe a vacation. Living from moment to moment in the now has got me out of waiting things to happen. I knew this trip would come, but I didn’t wait for it. I knew I would fly to Malta but that was about all I knew before. I wanted to make this vacation totally different from the previous ones not making one single plan. When the plane landed to Malta airport there I was thinking of which town I should go. After a few minutes I got an SMS from a friend where there was the address to his place. Problem solved! Waking up the first morning there and after an intensive asthanga yoga session on the roof terrace (I know asthanga shouldn’t be practiced outside) we started to orientate to the place still not exactly knowing where located on the map.

I will not tell you as a diary form how the trip went, all I gotta say is that when you keep your mind fresh not filling it with ideas and plans, there is a whole new world ahead! It is no less a vacation even though you didn’t see all the attractions and showplaces or went to dine on the finest restaurants. For me a perfect vacation is seeing the smile of a waiter when I order a cappuccino on a café, hearing the birds sing on the balcony, watching the sun setting down, listening to the whispering sounds of the ocean, feeling the sun burn my skin while wind mildly blowing into my hair… enjoying every little thing that happens from moment to moment. This is not possible if you already have a thought or and idea in your mind: “ok, what’s next?” Asking this question before the precious moment isn’t even over.

Are people doing all these “tremendous” things just to be able to tell people what they have seen and experienced? Isn’t this one sort of form of gossiping? I wonder why we gossip? Why do you want to know others? It is a form of restlessness to me. People seem to think that others are revealed to them by being concerned of others with their doings, with their thoughts, with their opinions. To me it seems clear that we gossip about others and tell stories because we are not sufficiently interested in the process of our own thinking and of our own action. We want to see what others are doing and perhaps to imitate them. I know exactly how this feels and how most of the people living like this because I have done it also. Imitating others, listening to what others are doing, what are they thinking of me and why. Am I good enough? Is this communally accepted and so forth. Gossip is a form of sensation, excitement. If you really go deeply into this question, what arises? One is really extraordinarily shallow and seeking excitement from outside by talking about others. Most of us who read daily newspapers are filled with gossip, global gossip. Those of you who really get into the point what I’m talking about and are living only in the now might have noticed a dramatic lack of interest in “normal” media, in global gossip. It is all an escape from ourselves, from our own pettiness, from our own “ugliness”. We think that through superficial interest in world events we are becoming more and more wise, more capable of dealing with our own lives. All these are just ways of escaping from ourselves.

So, what to do? Obviously one cannot escape oneself. Accepting what and who you are is the end of all this seeking. To accept what is is most difficult. Therefore when one understands the whole process of why on gossips and when one realizes the absurdity of it, then on is left with what one is. But then again we approach it always either to destroy it, or to change it into something else. BUT, if we don’t do either of those things but approach it with the intention of understanding it, being it with completely, then there is a possibility of transforming that which is.

As you can probably notice, this text is a stream of my mind at the very moment, words coming out of the now and the experiences I’ve been going through this week. Yesterday while dining out with a friend we talked about various issues on life finally leaning to more spiritual aspects of life. I gave an example of how to just be here now by concentrating on eating: feeling the fork in your hand, smelling the food, watching the fork going into your mouth, letting the food mix into your saliva and spreading all around your mouth; bit by bit tasting the delicious food and experiencing the miracle of eating on the very moment was indeed a very spiritual experience to my friend. Realizing the first time what it really felt to eat while being present and not thinking about the next bite while still chewing the first one…  The smile on his face was so radiant I haven’t seen smile like that for a while, well at least not in a week 🙂

And from here I will come back to the beginning of this writing and to the events on the airport earlier today. Having a lot of time before checking in to the plane I decided to try one of those Shiatsu-massage chairs. I sat on one and on the moment I was to drop a 2-euro coin to the machine I heard two women discussing quite intensively about this chair I was sitting on. It appeared that the woman had put two 1-euro coins to the machine instead of one. There these two women (the other was an airport worker) were having the conversation whether she could get her money back since the machine didn’t work with two 1 Euros. There was a sign that said pretty clearly that the machine works only with a 2-euro coin. The customer woman seemed to ignore the fact and said she was a massage therapist and had her own company on massage services and so forth. Well, you see where this is heading to… a dead end. While listening to this conversation and sitting on the chair I spontaneously said to both of them: “you know, you are both right!” There was an instant silence and they probably both stopped thinking at the same moment. Right there, we shared the same “we space” and for a short moment all our minds were quiet from the noise. The airport worker got the customer a new 2-euro coin, which the women wouldn’t accept. This really made me laugh and at the end we all three laughed. Is it really that important to be right no matter what?

And to mention, the five minutes in that shiatsu-massage chair was well worth the 2 Euros, a form of art on it’s own field. I can’t believe that I could not find any online massage chair reviews for this particular chair, I would of loved to share that.


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  1. 😀 Kiitos päivän hymystä.

    Minulla on juuri sama fiilis pian koittavan Pariisin reissun suhteen. Kirjahyllyssäni olisi muutama serkkuni lainaama Pariisiopas karttoineen. Yhtäkään en ole avannut. En edes ajattele lähtöä sinne. Välillä se tulee mieleen, mutta menee taas ohi. Ei ole mitään ennakkofiilistelyä. Ei ole tehnyt mieli ottaa mistään asioista selvää etukäteen eikä tehdä minkäänlaisia suunnitelmia. Otan kaupungin vastaan sellaisena kuin se on 🙂

  2. Jäi tuo kommentin kirjoittaminen häiriötekijän vuoksi kesken. Piti vielä sanoa, että minä ainaskin aion joogata ulkona kesällä vaikka Pattabhi Jois kääntyisi haudassaan 😀

    • Hahaa, hyvä kuulla! 🙂 kesällä mökillä laiturilla joogaaminen on kyllä niin parasta kuin vaan voi olla!

      Noita oppaita lukiessa voi tulla lähinnä ahdistus, yleensä vältän niitä niin paljon kuin mahdollista 😀 tosin kavereilta saamia vinkkejä yleensä kuuntelen, niissä kun on aina se henkilökohtainen mielipide mukana 🙂

  3. Olipas taas ilahduttava postaus!

    Itse olen matkustellut kansainvälisen seikkailijani kanssa monta vuotta. Hän on ihminen, joka haluaa nähdä uusia asioita, sopeutuu kuin kameleontti ja orientoituu sekä liikkuu lähes paikassa kuin paikassa. Lisäksi hän muistaa paljon kokemastaan ja kuvaa runsaasti matkoillamme. Tämä sopii hänelle eikä hän erityisesti halua hehkuttaa kokemuksiaan. (no, ehkä vähän..) 🙂
    Itse olen jo pitkään tuntenut, että elämästä saa paremmin kiinni, kun elää ajatellen, että vähemmän on enemmän. Itse asiassa en ole koskaan suunnitellut matkoja etukäteen, sillä luottavaisesti ( =tyhmänrohkeasti?) uskon positiivisiin yllätyksiin. Tiedän, että museoissa pitäisi käydä ym. kaikenlaista pitäisi nähdä, mutta kun nuo pitäisi-ajatukset ovatniin pinnallisia ja mieleen päälle liimattuja eikä niillä ole todellisen kokemisen ja elämisen kanssa juuri mitään tekemistä.
    Kiva huomata kuinka muitakaan ei jaksa kiinnostaa median seuraaminen ja juoruilemiseen osallistuminen. On ihanan vapauttavaa tajuta että pystyy vapautumaan kaikenlaisista pakoista mitä tulee sosiaalisen kanssakäymisen tuskastuttaviin puoliin tai itselle asettamiinsa vaatimuksiin seurata aikaansa ja sen tapahtumia. Tälläisiä asioita minulle on alkanut pikkuhiljaa tapahtua, usein ihan naurattaa kun tunnen, että miten hassu sitä on ollut, ulkoapäinohjautuva. Parasta nautintoa mielelle ja sielulle on kuin päästää irti asioista, pakoista, ajatuksista.

    • Vähemmän on usein enemmän, varsinkin ajatustasolla 🙂 en näe että on syytä luopua kaikesta maallisesta mammonasta, tosin turhasta luopumiseen liittyy myös paljon positiivista vapautuvaa energiaa.

      Jos vaan antaa mennä “virran mukana” mieli vapaana tulee useimmiten parhaimmat seikkailut ja tapaa mielenkiintoisimmat ihmiset 🙂

      Mun median seuraaminen loppui oikeastaan täysin syksyn sikainfluenssaepisodin jälkeen, meni viimeinenkin uskonripe vapaaseen mediaan. Oli kyllä sellaista sontaa se. Uutisia saatan katsoa kerran viikossa kahdessa, tietoisesti en televisiota sen vuoksi avaa. Jos jotain oikesti merkittävää tapahtuu, saa sen tiedon muualtakin.

      Ja mitä tulee lomalta paluuseen ja töihin orientoitumiseen voisi sitä kalenteriakin toki vilkaista ennen työpäivää ettei tule päivystykset ja muut yllätyksenä… heh 😀

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