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Always-Already – A Paradox?

Our consciousness is Always-Already liberated.
Yet our States of consciousness are ever in flux.

Is this a true paradox?

The harder I try, the farther I go. When I let it be as it is, because that’s how it is, I find it here, there, everywhere, always and already. What’s it? What is this?
I cannot take that as a true paradox since it is not at the same time as it certainly is. Our states of consciousness that we are aware of such as the phenomenal states which come and go. But general states are there in the ground which we don’t really realize because it is always there. We might notice the switchpoint, but when resting (or not resting) in the waking state there is no way to really sense that (as it would be with feelings of joy, anger or resentment).[neither states of consciousness nor structures of consciousness are directly experienced by individuals].

Everything is just a flashing into the cast phenomenal world.

Past few weeks I’ve personally gained again the presence and acceptance for everything that already is, because that’s the case at the moment. Non-resistance is clearly the solution for not being “unconscious”, because when everything happens, it happens right now. I can surely act out or change the situation if that is necessary, but when accepting it first fully, I can act. Why is this sometimes just so hard to realize, to memorize, to let just be? “In calmness there should be activity; in activity there should be calmness.” So simple, but yet so difficult.

In Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, particularly strike my attention the chapter on naturalness. Reading it was the first time I heard about the term. Everything comes out from nothingness. So is nothingness always there? Is our consciousness of nothingness and states of consciousness arise and flow filling the nothingness with is-ness?

“For instance, when you are hungry, to take some food is naturalness…. But when you are expecting too much, to have some food is not natural.” Is it this simple? Eckhart Tolle speaks about not waiting anything to happen, not wanting anything, but just letting all happen and be as they are. “Sorry to kept you waiting. – I wasn’t waiting, I was just enjoying myself.”

Personally stopping the seeking and acknowledging that I am already there, I am IT, I might be enlightened or then not, but that does not matter; all this is enormously liberating. The wanting for development, the need to evolve, Eros, is also there, so I don’t have to worry about it, because I know that is driving me further. I don’t have to go to further, but eventually I will, because that is the true nature of our always-already Spirits.


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