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Critical Examination of the Bodily-Kinesthetic Line through the Lens of Integral Methodological Pluralism

Here is the first paper for Multiple Intelligences course. It is a critical examination of the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence with an integral lens or primordial perspectives. Those interested in the development of that particular intelligence, take a look!   Overview People have been moving as long as the human species has been on Earth. Movement is… Read More ›

Self-identity and language development through three altitudes (Amber-Orange-Green) and the meaning of language for development

This is my final paper for the developmental psychology course last Fall (2010) at John F. Kennedy University (the Faculty of Holistic Sciences; Integral Theory). This is a lengthy one, so please be patient when reading it (if you are). Abstract Developmental psychologists have identified numerous features of human consciousness, which develop through recognizable stages…. Read More ›

Multiple Intelligences and Lines of Development (an Introduction)

I will continue posting some of my assignments from the studies of Integral Theory at JFK University. This quarter we are having two courses, namely: Multiple Intelligences and Integral Methodological Pluralism. At MI the concentration is of course on various intelligences and developmental lines. Howard Gardner seems to be the ”Grand Father” of Intelligence research… Read More ›

Various Meanings of Gender Embodiment

Here is another assignment for Developmental Psychology class. This is something different. What does it mean to have “an embodied gender”? Are we naturally men or women? I’m not discussing here about masculine and feminine types though… Embodiment as a word makes me feel that some particular feature in a human being is also in… Read More ›

Lost In Translation

Developmental Psychology: Assignment #10 – Lost In Translation After getting deeper into this course and leaning the developmental modes and stages many things have come so much clearer to me. This week’s assignment brought up into my consciousness Sofia Coppola’s movie “Lost In translation”, which seems to beautifully describe the proficient and deficient modes of… Read More ›

Identification and Navigation of the Self-system; comparison of the Green and Turquoise Altitudes

Developmental Psychology – Assignment #9 : Identification and Navigation of the Self-system; comparison of the Green and Turquoise Altitudes (check out the altitudes diagram below the text) In this assignment I chose to compare the identification and navigation functions of the self-system between Green (Stage 4/5 (C-G), Individualist) and Turquoise (5/6 (C-G), Construct-Aware) altitudes. The… Read More ›

From Modern to Postmodern

Developmental Psychology: Assignment #8 – From Modern to Postmodern This week’s assignment is all about the differences of 4th Order of Consciousness (Modern) and 5th Order of Consciousness (Post-Modern) and how that transition may or may not happen. I will also shortly describe what a term “antimodern” in this context means. Fourth order can be… Read More ›

“Whaddaya Want from Me?” – Developing from 2nd Order of Consciousness to 3rd

I found this particular subject and reading Kegan the most interesting part of this course so far. Kegan’s style of writing is so descriptive with great narrative and really easy to read. There is almost the same flow present as in Wilber’s writings. After reading the first two chapters of the book I was really… Read More ›

A levels analysis on why official nutrition recommendation is claimed to be healthy but in fact is making us ill

Integral Theory – Five Elements : Assignment #3 – A Levels analysis on nutrition recommendations Obesity and its relational metabolic diseases are the cancer of our society at the moment (besides the cancer itself which is the #2 cause of death in the Western World). What went so terribly wrong that in 50 years previously… Read More ›

How do I more effectively encourage people to engage in physical exercise? – A quadrivial analysis

Here I am concentrating on the quadrants and especially to a quadrivial analysis on the subject. So let’s start the quite systematic analysis from Upper Left (UL) intentional perspective. My intention is to make people find the happiness in moving their bodies and feeling the effects of physical exercise on their well-being. This makes me… Read More ›

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