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I AM in everything – and everything is in me (and you)

January 29, 2012

What would be the simplest inquiry of dropping your body-mind, your ordinary ego-based consciousness that says, “I am this and I am that” describing different qualities of your outer being? WHO AM I? ask again: WHO AM I? and again: WHO AM I? What is arising in your consciousness? You are aware of your feelings,… Read More ›

OlliS :: Circle Of Love Vol2 [Chill Out / Down Tempo Mix]

“Where there is end there is beginning. Where there is death there is birth. Love is the Universal force that makes us all thrive from life to life in a circular motion.” This mix is dedicated to my soul mate ❤ TRACKLIST: 01. Rue Du Soleil : Always Mine [Café Del Mar Music] 02. Bliss… Read More ›

OlliS – Chillout Mix @ YleX [Golden Oldie from 2005]

This was my first ever Chillout Mix that was featured on a hot summer day, July 2005. It’s been over five years and after that my enthusiasm on compiling chillout mixes with different atmospheres has been a blessing. Hopefully you enjoy is, I still consider it one of the dearest one I’ve ever compiled… Robert… Read More ›

OlliS – Live @ Clinic 3 Years Anniversary [warm-up set]

I haven’t played a set like this in a while. 2 hour warm-up before Orkidea and Solarstone was something that I knew was literally made for me. Here you will hear a build-up which combines forgotten old goldies from 2000-2007 and new epic ones with smooth trancey vibe. I really enjoyed playing this one and… Read More ›

OlliS : Arctic Circles (Winter Chillout Mix)

I did this mix for my brother as a Christmas present yesterday, but I also decided to share this with you. There is never enough beautiful and deep ambient/chillout music, especially for a more “winterish” style with arctic vibes… ambient, chill, deep, drum’n’bass TRACKLIST: 01. Harold Budd And Brian Eno : First Light (2004 Digital… Read More ›

OlliS : Lost In Kosmos [Epic Ambient / Slow Trance]

Lost in the vast and ever expanding Kosmos, traveling through time which is always NOW. ambient, chill, deep, trance TRACKLIST: 01. Jon Hopkins : Fading Glow [Just Music, 2001] 02. Michael Stearns : Something’s Moving [Sonic Atmospheres, 1984] 03. TV Victor : All [Tresor, 1994] 04. Solar Quest : Save The Whale [SSR, 1994] 05…. Read More ›

OlliS – Ascending Into The Light [ambient/chillout mix]

Guided by the Light… and the music. Take the upward spiral and free your mind from the material universe. 01. Jon Hopkins : Opalescent [Just Music] 02. Journeyman : Estralay [Ninja Tunes] 03. Bliss : The Return [Music For Dreams] 04. Soulwire : Echoes of a Fallen Dream [Soulwire] 05. Jon Hopkins : Cold Out… Read More ›

OlliS – Live @ Mixxed Discotheque

A new gig recording from last weekend. It was a rather rainy saturday but the feeling was hot at the terrace. Mixxed is by far the greatest summer terrace disco in Finland My set is a true warming up for the night, last hour the floor was packed! check out the facebook group here:!/group.php?gid=334238001795&ref=ts… Read More ›

OlliS presents : The Sunday School of Spirit

This mix is a live recording from last weekend’s The House Special party. I was playing while people were dining. Expect to hear very atmoshperic soundscapes and a deep trancey flow for the first half. The second half is featured with more electronica and deep house music. In my opinion this is a perfect combo… Read More ›

OlliS – FADE 2.0 Promo Mix [deephouse-tech-progressive]

Promo-mix for FADE 2.0 club-performance-art night. For me this is a real dance-floor mix for the mid-hours of a serious club night. I haven’t done this kind of mix for a while, so I put extra “live” effort for this…. web-page: (should be updated soon!) Enjoy! deep, house, progressive, tekno, tribal TRACKLIST: 01. Taho… Read More ›

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  • Kesän 2017 leirit Lohjansaaressa April 3, 2017
      Luonnollista liikettä ja lepoa. Luonnonrauhaa ja lintujen laulua. Puissa kiipeilyä ja rentoa yhteisöllisyyttä. Kesällä 2017 leireillään taas Lohjansaaressa ja nautiskellaan kesästä ja inspiroivasta seurasta! Luonnollisen liikkumisen leiri järjestetään 4.-6.7. ja sen perään Lepoleiri 7.-9.7. Molemmille leireille osallistuville on tiedossa erikoisalennus :) […]
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  • 9 väärinkäsitystä paleosta March 7, 2017
        Esittelen tässä tekstissä yhdeksän harhaluuloa tai väärinkäsitystä paleosta, joihin törmään usein. 1. Paleo on lihapainotteinen ruokavalio Monet mieltävät paleon lihapainotteiseksi ruokavalioksi. Ehkä siksi, että siinä suositaan eläinperäisiä proteiinin lähteitä niiden kattavan aminohappokoostumuksen takia. Ne myös sisältävät kasviproteiineihin verrattun […]
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  • 10 positiivista muutosta paleon avulla February 20, 2017
        Alla on 10 esimerkkiä muutoksista, joita asiakkaani, läheiseni tai tuttavani ovat kokeneet paleoruokavalioon vaihtamisen jälkeen. 1. Painonpudotus Paleoruokavalio on erittäin tehokas apu painon pudottamisessa ja rasvan polttamisessa. Useimmiten se myös tapahtuu ilman nälkää ja kovaa yrittämistä. Joskus se on liiankin tehokas, kun oikean ruuan aiheuttama […]
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