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Mihin suuntaan terveydenhoitomme on menossa?

September 3, 2013

Olen pitänyt taukoa kirjoittamisesta ja seuraillut sitäkin kiinnostuneempana muutamien henkilöiden kirjoittelua ravitsemuksesta sekä terveydestä ja erityisesti vastuun ottamisesta omasta terveydestään. Suorimmat sanat lataa Sami Sundvik blogissaan Monia tyyli saattaa ärsyttää, mutta kaksinaismoralistisessa Suomessa, jossa valtion etu ja “virallinen näkemys” menevät yksilön terveyden edelle, näen suoraan puhumisen ainoana keinona vaikuttaa. Miksi sitten kirjoitan tästä nyt?… Read More ›

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Integral Life Practice – Final Research Assignment

I wrote this paper last summer/fall, just when finishing (for now) my studies at JFK University from School Of Holistic Sciences, Integral Theory M.A. Program. I thought I might share this Intergra Life Practice Paper with you to show what kind of possibilities ILP really can have in everyone’s life. I am also planning in… Read More ›


I AM in everything – and everything is in me (and you)

What would be the simplest inquiry of dropping your body-mind, your ordinary ego-based consciousness that says, “I am this and I am that” describing different qualities of your outer being? WHO AM I? ask again: WHO AM I? and again: WHO AM I? What is arising in your consciousness? You are aware of your feelings,… Read More ›

Eating and consciousness – Conscious eating

Food and eating are probably two of the most important aspects of human life. There must be at least as many thoughts of how to eat right than there are eaters – well, maybe not as many but the emotional response food and eating evokes among people is enormous. Of course that is fairly understandable… Read More ›

Always-Already – A Paradox?

Our consciousness is Always-Already liberated. Yet our States of consciousness are ever in flux. Is this a true paradox? The harder I try, the farther I go. When I let it be as it is, because that’s how it is, I find it here, there, everywhere, always and already. What’s it? What is this? I… Read More ›


Body-Mind-Spirit and healing: Integral approach with Integral Methodological Pluralism

Abstract Integral Theory and Integral Methodological Pluralism offers a complete model for exploring the many faces of healing. In this paper I will go through six of the eight primordial perspectives or hori-zones, which are based on Ken Wilber’s AQAL model. I will discuss how body-mind-spirit can be seen as individual realms functioning however in… Read More ›

What is social intelligence? Some points and a review

Here is an assignment that I wrote a week back on Multiple Intelligences course. We are all connected and the basic actions are made of interactions and intersubjectivity. And the World is built of perspectives… but that’s another story. Here is a short review and a comparison of a few authors, what a social intelligence… Read More ›

Affirmation – a powerful tool for changing a habit or creating a new one

I just finished (finally) reading a 400-page ”Integral Life Practice” book that inspired me to write this blog post. The book is not just a new approach to self-development and higher awareness, but a way or making sense of – and making best use of – the existing treasure trove of insights, methods, and practices… Read More ›


Existence and relationship

”Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself. Without relationship you are not; to be is to be related; to be related is existence”. – J. Krishnamurti This is how Krishnamurti describes human relationship in his direct and maybe slightly laconic style of writing. Relationships in human societies have been intriguing my mind lately… Read More ›

What is Nowism?

Here is an interesting text I recently found of Nowism written by  Nova Spivack. I think you might find it pretty fascinating! For the last year I´ve been living from moment to moment and that is actually the only way to live and experience life. Nothing really exists in the future or in the past…. Read More ›

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