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Meditation-related brain research and possible treatment implications

This text was originally written and posted by Eric Thompson at iAwake blog, full article to be found here: Since this is a really hot topic at the moment and the research on meditation via neuroscientific methods is increasing I thought I could share this text slightly referated with you. Tibetan Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation… Read More ›

Discussion on various ”hot spot” topics intriguing my mind

So, here I am again at the airport going through experiences I had last week on a vacation. This turned out to be totally different than all the previous ones in my life so far. Actually I got an inspiration to write this text because of the somewhat funny incidence that happened a few hours… Read More ›

The two aspects of time

The two aspects of time What is time? What does it mean to be timeless? How often have you heard a sentence ”ohhh, this or that is so timeless!” What does that exactly mean? We are spending time in trying to grasp that, which is timeless, so it is important to understand what we mean… Read More ›

Meditation practices

I’ve been asked to write about some simple meditation practices that I’m familiar with and which are easy to practice. Quite a few of my friends are interested on this topic probably not least because I’ve talked about it a lot…   but in addition to this I’ve noticed an expanded interest in self-inquiring and silencing… Read More ›

Of self-knowledge and self-understanding

I’ve lately been reading a lot of different kind of literature about human development and various texts on how to recognize the true self. Who are we really? How do we know ourselves? Are we automatic talking and thinking robots repeating preset patterns our society has created that we think we are supposed to do?… Read More ›

Stages of Devotion and a short story of awakening

There are lots of stories how the passion of the human heart is awakened and unleashed through a life-and-death struggle to unite with the ultimate Beloved. Everyone who has been spiritually awakened surely has his or her own story, but there are many similarities of those stories. I have lately been reading the Integral Life… Read More ›

Ken Wilber talks about subtle energies

The following is an excerpt from the first draft of volume 2 of the Kosmos trilogy, tentatively titled Kosmic Karma (volume 1 of that trilogy was Sex, Ecology, Spirituality). This excerpt suggests a coherent and comprehensive theory of the many approaches to subtle energies, their origin, nature, and development. This particular excerpt comes toward the… Read More ›

Awakening the third eye by Breath Of Fire

How to stop unnecessary thinking?

Originally posted @ 04 August 2009 Have you ever thought of getting rid of the anxious, repeating and distracting sound in your head? Do you feel like there is an endless record in your head that is repeating the same old song? Well, me too.. That´s why I´m writing this now. First of all,… Read More ›

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  • Helsinki Paleo uudistuu February 27, 2019
    Helsinki Paleo herää tämän kevään aikana pienestä horroksestaan! Seuraavien kuukausien aikana teemme uudistuksia sekä Helsinki Paleon sosiaalisessa mediassa, että nettisivuilla. Paleomaan Jenni & Dinoliciousin Mirka liittyvät jengiin mukaan. Tehdään yhdessä Helsinki Paleosta vieläkin suurempi, aktiivisempi, tiiviimpi ja iloisempi yhteisö. Terkuin, Jaska, […]
    Jenni Katajamaa
  • Testissä Vivobarefoot Tracker -vaelluskenkä December 11, 2017
      Sain Vivobarefootin maahantuojalta testiin Tracker -vaelluskengän uuden mallin, joka heti ensimmäisellä jalkaan laittamisella vaikutti todella hyvältä. Vivon vaelluskenkämalleja olen käyttänyt jo useita vuosia, ensin Off-Road Hi mallia ja edellisenä kenkänä Trackerin ensimmäistä versiota. Näistä molemmista pidin kovasti ja käytin ne aivan loppuun asti. Uud […]
    Jaakko Savolahti
  • Paremmat unet tuova Nuku koko yö -verkkovalmennus alkaa 19.10.2017 October 12, 2017
    Nuku koko yö -verkkokurssi alkaa 19.10.2017. Lähde mukaan matkalle kohti parempia unia! Haluatko nukahtaa helposti iltaisin, lopettaa yöllisen heräilyn ja varmistaa, että nukut sikeästi läpi yön? Silloin tämä valmennus on sinua varten! Kurssille osallistuneista 91,2 % suosittelee valmennusta. ”Aivan upea kokonaisuus! Sisällöstä näkyy kuinka perinpohjaisesti […]
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