My personal view of integral life


OlliS : Lost In Kosmos… [Epic Ambient / Slow Trance]

Lost in the vast and ever expanding Kosmos, traveling through time which is always NOW.

01. Jon Hopkins : Fading Glow [Just Music, 2001]
02. Michael Stearns : Something’s Moving [Sonic Atmospheres, 1984]
03. TV Victor : All [Tresor, 1994]
04. Solar Quest : Save The Whale [SSR, 1994]
05. Bliss : Arapapa [Music For Dreams, 2001]
06. Woob : 85-Bit [Bigamoebasounds, 2010]
07. The Infinity Project : The Answer [Blue Room Released, 1995]
08. Klaus Schulze : Welcome To The Moog Brothers [Eye Of The Storm, 1997]

OlliS : Ascending Into The Light [ambient/chillout mix]

Guided by the Light… and the music. Take the upward spiral and free your mind from the material universe.

01. Jon Hopkins : Opalescent [Just Music]
02. Journeyman : Estralay [Ninja Tunes]
03. Bliss : The Return [Music For Dreams]
04. Soulwire : Echoes of a Fallen Dream [Soulwire]
05. Jon Hopkins : Cold Out There [Just Music]
06. Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard : Lliquid Coincidence 2 [Synthetic Symphony]
07. Lifescapes : Mandala [Lifescapes Music]
08. Mango : Strawberry (Chillout Remix) [Silk Digital]
09. Soulwire : Dream Empire [Soulwire]
10. Songsworth : Ascension [Songsworth]
11. Poni Hoax : Faces In The Water [Tigersushi]
12. Chris Coco feat. Patrick Bergin : Only Love [Distinct’ive]
13. Bliss : Don’t Look Back [Music For Dreams]
14. Soulwire : When The Leaf Falls [Soulwire]
15. Jon Hopkins : Lost In THought [Just Music]
16. Jon Hopkins : Halcyon [Just Music]
17. Chris Coco : My Sunset [Distinct’ive]
18. Arsen Barsamyan : Blow [Armenian Music Center]

DJ OlliS : The Sunday School Of Spirit

This mix is a live recording from last weekend’s The House Special party. I was playing while people were dining. Expect to hear very atmoshperic soundscapes and a deep trancey flow for the first half. The second half is featured with more electronica and deep house music. In my opinion this is a perfect combo for chillout sundays 🙂

01. Diatonis : White Sand Blue Water [Diatonis]
02. Deuter : Cinque [New Earth]
03. Kenji Williams : Buddha Embryo [ABA Structure]
04. Kenji Williams : Progress of The Soul [ABA Structure]
05. Tokyo Boulevard : Thinner Horizons [Subtraxx]
06. Kaito : Nothing Could Be More Peaceful (Beatless Version) [Kompakt]
07. Exoplanet : Owl Crosses River And Sea [Particles]
08. Solee : Legends (Slow Motion Mix) [Parquet]
09. Dinka : Hotel Summerville [Enormous Tunes]
10. Kaito : The Breath Of Spring (Beatless Version) [Kompakt]
11. Nebular Spool : A Plankton Affair [Uncanny Planet]
12. Robert Leiner : Dream Or Reality [R&S]
13. Erik Sumo Band : Disco In My Head (Synus0006 Remix) [Chi]
14. Sven Van Hees : Matrass Mambo [Life Enhancing Audio]
15. Digby Jones : Pinacolada (Jazz Mix) [Zero One Music]
16. Trickski : The Warm Up (CB Funk Remix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
17. Kaito : And That Was The Way (Echospace’s Shinjuku Sedative) [Kompakt]
18. Jay Shepheard : Movin In [Retrofit]
19. Kink : Bitter Sweet [Liebe Detail]
20. Nalin & Kane : Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) [Superfly]
21. Bomb The Bass : Up The Mountain feat. The Battle Of Land And Sea (Gui Boratto Remix) [K7]
22. Burial : Dog Shelter [Late Night Tales]
23. Kuniyuki Takahashi : Ocean Waves (Minilogue Moves The Waves To The Woods Remix) [Mule Electronic]
24. House Of House : Rushing To Paradise [House Of House]
25. Caribou : Sun [Cooperative Music]



More information on:


01. Humate : 3.2 (Bedrock Ambient Mix) [Superstition]
02. Dousk : Falling People [Klik]
03. Softys : No More Time For Us [CDR]
04. Fortunato & Montresor : Imagine (Estroe Remix) [Bedrock]
05. Above & Beyond, Oceanlab : I Am What I Am [Anjunabeats]
06. Quivver : These Are The Days (Sunset Remix) [Boz Boz]
07. Way Out West : One Bright Night [Hope]
08. Elfsong : Illusions Falling Apart [Silk Sofa Music]
09. The Orange : Butterfly [Andromeda]
10. Slusnik Luna : Breaker [Spushnik]
11. Jaytech : Nighthawk [Anjunabeats]
12. Above & Beyond, Oceanlab : Ashes [Anjunabeats]

d/l: OlliS_-_Laituri_Trance_Vol4.mp3

OlliS : Garden Of Eden

Welcome to garden of eden, where everything is pure and in natural state. Release to infinity and sense the perfection of this place… we all have it inside of us.

01. Pan: Garden [Lemongrassmusic]
02. Deuter: Four [New Earth]
03. Chicane: Early [Xtravaganza]
04. Brock Van Wey: Too Little Too Late [Echospace]
05. Roger Martinez: Air [Affin]
06. Olafur Arnalds: …Og Lengra [Erased Tapes]
07. Hans Zimmermann: The Last Samurai – A Way Of Life [Elektra]
08. Ralf Hildenbeutel: Ice Dancer (Largo) [Soundcolours]
09. Atrium Sun: Abyss (Elfsong’s Deep In The Abyss Mix) [Mistiquemusic]
10. Blank & Jones: Rumble [Soundcolours]
11. Deuter: Cinque [New Earth]
12. Pan: Garden [Lemongrassmusic]

d/l: OlliS – Garden Of Eden

Cover art by Alex Grey

OlliS : Add This Mix To Your Heart ❤

From my Heart to your Heart.


01. GusGus : Add This Song (12” Edit) [Kompakt]
02. Jozef Mihalik : Famous When Dead (Redanka Mix) [High Contrast]
03. Martinez : My Anthem [Area Remote]
04. Derek Howell : Weightless (Lank Remix) [microCastle]
05. Suicide Sports Club : My Black Dog feat. Saffron (Gutterstylez Vox Mix) [Bedrock]
06. Saints & Sinners : Pushin’ Too Hard (Guy J Remix) [Bedrock]
07. Jim Rivers : Vibrant (Guy J Remix) [GU Music]
08. Jay Lumen : Morning Cocktail [Anjunadeep]
09. Guy J : Lamur (Henry Saiz Unreleased Mix) [Bedrock]
10. Way Out West : Future Perfect (Henry Saiz Remix) [Hope]
11. Tom Glass : Ashes [Hope]
12. Flanders : Time (Redanka Dub) [Ego]
13. David Vendetta : Bleeding Heart feat. Rachell Star (White Rabbit Mix) [Paradise]
14. Björk : Hyperballad (Nick Galea Remix) [CDR]
15. Dusty Kid : America (Extended Version) [Boxer]

OlliS – Add This Mix To Your Heart

inner peace

Ambient soundscapes for the soul. No mind included.

DJ OlliS presents : Music For Yoga & Meditation


01. Deuter : Kinded Spirit [New Earth]
02. Wayne Jones : A Breath Of Stillness [Lifescapes]
03. David Moufang & Pete Namlook : Polar Melt [Fax +49-69/450464]
04. Sven Väth : Harlequin’s Meditation [Eye Q]
05. Global Communication : 9 39 [Dedicated]
06. DJ Orion & J. Shore : Deep Blue [CDR]
07. Sven Väth : Ballet-Dancer [Eye Q]
08. Global Communication : 4 14 [Dedicated]
09. Pete Namlook : Travelling Without Moving – Trip 2 [Fax +49-69/450464]
10. Biosphere : Moistened & Dried [Touch]
11. Biosphere : Too Fragile To Walk On [Touch]
12. Burial : Endorphin [Hyperdub]
13. Jónsi & Alex : Atlas Song [Parlophone]

OlliS presents : Inner Peace – Music For Yoga & Meditation


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  1. Olipa aisteja hyväileviä säveliä. Siirryn transsitilassa sohvalta peiton alle 🙂

    • Thank you. Honored to be included in mixes with John Hopkins, Bliss and Coco. Let me know if you’d like some new tracks to share. For now, you can check here (if you don’t already have these). I have plenty more and a new album on the verge of release…

  2. Transsitila on hyvä tila 😛

  3. Ollis,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful music and mixes. You’re an inspiration to me.

  4. I absolutely love this. This is going to help me out so much.

  5. I like your music Ollis. But of the late, the links have stopped working. Could you look into it? I am getting DNS lookup errors.

  6. May I upload your music to grooveshark?

  7. Ever consider making these podcasts/otherwise downloadable? (Asks she, totally ignorant in all matters copyright…)

  8. Oh yes, and I forgot to say that in any case: thank you. Such lovely music. Takes one to a stillness, a calmness.

    • Thanks Maria (two Marias here, heh :)). Stillness is the place where all creativity arises… Music (and Art) can be truly transformative in that sense, that’s what is best in every great art!

  9. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts, been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to say thanks, always mind-relaxing to stop by! A bit off topic, but can I ask what you relationship status is? Yet found your true love in life?

    • Hi Anna, thank you for your comments! I’ve been “offline” with the blog for a while, but now on. Seems that the writing and other creative things go in fluctuations.

      For your question: Yes, I’ve found my true soulmate which I finally know to be “true” after 32 years of imagining otherwise. I wish it to every people on Earth either in this or other lifetimes.

  10. Hi olliS
    the first time i listened to ur music was at march 16 2006 i think. I listened to “aurea mediocritas vol. 12” im looking for that set a long time, but i cant find it… i would pay for listen once again to that set, but i cant find it… so is there a way for me to hear that again? i mean its the best set ive ever listened to….

    btw: the garden eden is also a great set… i really like ur sound…

    • Hi! Thanks for your reply 🙂

      I have all those sets in DVDs, but my current mac won’t play those. So until I get a new one, I’m not able to find that set. Just wait 😉

  11. OlliS, I just wanted to share some music with you that may be up your alley. I’m hoping to learn to make music like you’ve done, and maybe some of this will make it on there 🙂!/album/The+Ice+Castle/2817618

  12. Haha, It seems I use this as a contact form 🙂

    I surely am a major fan of your music. So much so that it’s inspired me to learn to make my own mixes. Could you talk about your setup of equipment to make your mixes and any recommended “must reads” (or videos etc) for total newbies?

  13. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and definitely will come back someday. I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice afternoon!

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