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OlliS :: Circle Of Love Vol2 [Chill Out / Down Tempo Mix]

“Where there is end there is beginning. Where there is death there is birth. Love is the Universal force that makes us all thrive from life to life in a circular motion.” This mix is dedicated to my soul mate ❤ TRACKLIST: 01. Rue Du Soleil : Always Mine [Café Del Mar Music] 02. Bliss… Read More ›

OlliS – Chillout Mix @ YleX [Golden Oldie from 2005]

This was my first ever Chillout Mix that was featured on a hot summer day, July 2005. It’s been over five years and after that my enthusiasm on compiling chillout mixes with different atmospheres has been a blessing. Hopefully you enjoy is, I still consider it one of the dearest one I’ve ever compiled… Robert… Read More ›

OlliS – Live @ Clinic 3 Years Anniversary [warm-up set]

I haven’t played a set like this in a while. 2 hour warm-up before Orkidea and Solarstone was something that I knew was literally made for me. Here you will hear a build-up which combines forgotten old goldies from 2000-2007 and new epic ones with smooth trancey vibe. I really enjoyed playing this one and… Read More ›

OlliS : Lost In Kosmos [Epic Ambient / Slow Trance]

Lost in the vast and ever expanding Kosmos, traveling through time which is always NOW. ambient, chill, deep, trance TRACKLIST: 01. Jon Hopkins : Fading Glow [Just Music, 2001] 02. Michael Stearns : Something’s Moving [Sonic Atmospheres, 1984] 03. TV Victor : All [Tresor, 1994] 04. Solar Quest : Save The Whale [SSR, 1994] 05…. Read More ›

OlliS – Ascending Into The Light [ambient/chillout mix]

Guided by the Light… and the music. Take the upward spiral and free your mind from the material universe. 01. Jon Hopkins : Opalescent [Just Music] 02. Journeyman : Estralay [Ninja Tunes] 03. Bliss : The Return [Music For Dreams] 04. Soulwire : Echoes of a Fallen Dream [Soulwire] 05. Jon Hopkins : Cold Out… Read More ›

OlliS – Live @ Mixxed Discotheque

A new gig recording from last weekend. It was a rather rainy saturday but the feeling was hot at the terrace. Mixxed is by far the greatest summer terrace disco in Finland My set is a true warming up for the night, last hour the floor was packed! check out the facebook group here:!/group.php?gid=334238001795&ref=ts… Read More ›

OlliS presents : The Sunday School of Spirit

This mix is a live recording from last weekend’s The House Special party. I was playing while people were dining. Expect to hear very atmoshperic soundscapes and a deep trancey flow for the first half. The second half is featured with more electronica and deep house music. In my opinion this is a perfect combo… Read More ›

OlliS – FADE 2.0 Promo Mix [deephouse-tech-progressive]

Promo-mix for FADE 2.0 club-performance-art night. For me this is a real dance-floor mix for the mid-hours of a serious club night. I haven’t done this kind of mix for a while, so I put extra “live” effort for this…. web-page: (should be updated soon!) Enjoy! deep, house, progressive, tekno, tribal TRACKLIST: 01. Taho… Read More ›

OlliS – Laituri Trance Vol4 [Pacifique LUAU lagoon spa warm-up mix]

This mix is for warming you up before next weekends tropic Pacifique waterpark party in Serena, Finland. I’m playing there in a Lagoon Spa, so steamy and hot trancey chillout vibes is to be expected! More information on: TRACKLIST: 01. Humate : 3.2 (Bedrock Ambient Mix) [Superstition] 02. Dousk : Falling People [Klik] 03. Softys : No… Read More ›

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